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Today was my first day back of real training since March 25th.  My spinal issues aside, I felt pretty good.  My back was a little shaky and I was worried that it would not hold up.  But I made it through technique class and felt good enough to make it through almost all of live training.  Now back home, a shower and some stretches and I am feeling pretty good.

My cardio is shot, and I felt like I had to relearn so many things.  I felt good during live training and things felt semi-natural, but not quite right.  My body did not respond as it used to, my reaction times were slower.   I got winded much faster than usual and I managed to pull guard (something I dislike) in a drill that was specifically meant for top game practice.  I never pull guard. But I did it and immediately thought, “What was that?”  And I can only come to the conclusion that I was attempting to rest.  I didn’t want to struggle and guard seemed like a good place to rest.  I am so glad that, by the rules of the drill, I instantly lost and had to rotate back in the line.  Not because I got to rest, although that was nice, but because it made me realize I should be paying more attention and not doing random things that were out of character. I don’t like to spaz out and I don’t like just pulling guard out of desperation, and I managed to do both to some extent.

Mauro, a monstrous Draculino black belt, gave me a lot of advice about coming back from injury and how hard to push.  He told me he takes off at least one month a year, to heal his body and that he re-assimilates himself into class over a span of about two weeks.  Since Mauro is an awesome black belt, and myself, a lowly blue belt,  I have decided that I am going to give myself double that time to get into a consistent training schedule. Four weeks and I hope to be back to where I was when I took off, or if I am lucky, blowing past the abilities/dedication of my old self.

I am really excited about being back, I just have to remember to train smart. I hope that my back holds up, and I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I will say optimistically that I can’t wait for Thursday, when I get the chance train with Draculino and Mauro again!



Jingle Bells

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No, it is not Christmas, but it might as well be…

I am feeling 80% of where I was before.  I must admit my back is a little wonky, it is not right, nor will it ever be right again.  And that is something I just have to accept.  It is broken/malformed whatever you want to call it, and it is never going back to normal.  Ok. Accepted.

So what can I do?

Well surgery is not needed, the bones are broken but there is no slippage and a very few people actually require surgery or a fusing with this condition.  I have talked to a few grapplers who have this condition.  Some with grade 2 or 3 slippage of the spine.  They have coped with their condition by taking rest when it is flaring up, returning when it is good.  Lots of hamstring stretching and core strengthening.

So I started a new routing two weeks ago, some light cardio, lots of stretching and kettlebells.  I got some good workouts online and youtube. And have been sticking with the routine.  My back is soo much better. Although not perfect I am feeling great compared to before.  So good that I am returning to train this coming Tuesday. 🙂  Although, most likely only for the technique portions and not live training yet.  I don’t want to push too hard, too soon.

I have not lifted weights since I was around 20 years of age.  I can’t believe how much is happening for me in just two weeks.  I have been fairly anti-weight training for a long time.  My father, as well as a few other people I know have really wrecked their bodies with years of weight training.  But now I am feeling that if the training is intelligent and limited to sport specific improvements, it can’t be any worse than the sport itself.  I have lines appearing that I haven’t seen since I was 17. It is crazy!

I have dropped from 197 to 185 in these two weeks without cardio training.  I am hoping to start up a small interval training regimen in the next week or so if my back will hold up.

The stretching and core exercises are doing wonders for me so far.

But most of all, I hope I can appreciate my time training jiu jitsu more than I have previously.  For a while there I was certain I would never train again, and that was a scary thought.

Now I am nothing but optimistic that I can push myself to the next levels in my training!

Thanks to anyone who has been kind enough to actually read my blog.