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It’s good to be back…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 21, 2010 by jiujitsulife

It really is.  I have lost so much time wallowing in laziness.  I have struggled with motivation for the last year it seems.  I work, I come home, I just want to sit here and forget about how much the day sucked.  Working at a computer all day sometimes drains the life out of a person, I don’t think we were meant to sit in office chairs all day staring at tiny pixels.  It just doesn’t feel healthy. 🙂

I rarely had energy, and just about any reason I could come up with seemed like a good enough reason to skip training…

“My stomach feels a little icky. ”

“I ate too much.”

“I didn’t eat enough.”

“I worked hard today and traffic sucked.”

“Is that staph or a freckle?”

“The lunar alignment is totally out of whack, I better start next week….”

I’m sure I’ve used most of those at any given time unfortunately.  But one day it just felt wrong, I suddenly felt lied to.  Lied to by myself, which is a weird feeling.   So I have cut the excuses…

My new Goal:  If something isn’t broken, falling off, or on backwards, I am going to train three times a week.

The last two weeks have consisted of two classes of jiu jitsu on Tuesday and Thursday and then Cardio/Weight Lifting on Saturdays.  I would like to train jiu jitsu all three of those eventually, and maybe fit the weight training in elsewhere. But at the moment it is the most feasible option, but I just do not feel that two times a week for jiu jitsu is even close to enough…so the next step is to raise the bar to three.

On another note:

Being back, I am a much happier person, it seems training really did bring balance to my life.  I found myself being so unhappy, unresponsive to friends, and a jerk sometimes when I wasn’t training.  I think BJJ  really does allow me some unexpected amount of therapeutic release. It is something indescribable, the difference I feel waking up after a night of hard training. Something indescribable, but great.

I think before now I had really been struggling to see or feel the things others were talking about…and although it is not that popular to say it seems…Jiu jitsu did not change my life.  I did not have any life altering epiphany when I found jiu jitsu.  There was no great revolution of the mind.

But it does balance me. It calms me.  It is the perfect drug. 🙂