Learn Something First…

This post will not really be my most productive.  It is more of a rant than anything, but it is definitely something I feel strongly about and would like to express.  My problem is teachers….

No, not the black belts we all respect and honor, with rutted hands and crippled backs.  No, not the men who have put more hours and ounces of energy into this one pure thing than some doctors have put in their practice.   No, because they are the ones to be revered.  They are the ones who should be held high…

My problem are all the rest of the teachers.  People who haven’t earned those positions at the top,  but instead try to weasel their way into them.

Why is it that every internet savvy Tom and Dick, that has 10 classes of grappling at the local YMCA, has to run home and crank out sloppy videos of themselves teaching improper techniques?  When did it become shameful to just be the student?  Why must everyone teach?  Can they not humble themselves long enough to sit back and be taught?

I am nobody, a low level blue under an amazing instructor, and I have nothing to teach. I want to learn. 🙂


One Response to “Learn Something First…”

  1. Hey…there is an old saying: The first rule of leadership is learning how to follow. And you know what your talking about

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