I’ve been going at a fairly regular pace, and I feel really good.  My cardio is nowhere where it should be, but I am able to roll at the level I should until I gas, which is not immediate unless I have someone going at me like a maniac and I have to constantly defend.  I have managed to mess my back up pretty good, but with my previous staph issues and meniscus tear, I would hate to seem like a wuss to take time off now that I am finally back.

And it is not really horrible,  but it is pretty uncomfortable all the time and there is a strange sensation that sometimes darts down my right leg. 🙂 Oh spinal damage and jiu jitsu go hand in hand! I stretch often and it seems to help.I am sure I have a ruptured/bulging disc somewhere in there, but I am on track again finally and I can’t get off. If it gets real bad then I will contemplate resting,  but for now I must keep my pace to even think of making it to competition in July.

If anyone has competition tips I am very open to suggestion, this is my first tournament and I am pretty nervous and the whole tournament thing is very foreign to me…


3 Responses to “Normality”

  1. I am thinking of competing too in an upcoming grapplers quest tournament. it’s my first too, so I don’t have any advice for you, sorry. Glad to hear you are getting back into the swing of things. Did I tell you I just had a bad bout with MRSA as well?

    Later bro.


    • jiujitsulife Says:

      How many times have you had it? I swear some people are immune or prone to it, and I feel that I am the latter. Twice this year already and that is enough for me, If I never have Staph again it will be too soon!

      How’s the money raising for the Brazil trip? I can’t wait to see that, I’m always interested in Brazilian training stories!

  2. Berglez / Ramenbowl Says:

    I have a bulged disc in my lumbar region.. SUCKS hey!?!
    BJJ doesn’t seem to irritate it though, which is good.

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