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I’ve been going at a fairly regular pace, and I feel really good.  My cardio is nowhere where it should be, but I am able to roll at the level I should until I gas, which is not immediate unless I have someone going at me like a maniac and I have to constantly defend.  I have managed to mess my back up pretty good, but with my previous staph issues and meniscus tear, I would hate to seem like a wuss to take time off now that I am finally back.

And it is not really horrible,  but it is pretty uncomfortable all the time and there is a strange sensation that sometimes darts down my right leg. 🙂 Oh spinal damage and jiu jitsu go hand in hand! I stretch often and it seems to help.I am sure I have a ruptured/bulging disc somewhere in there, but I am on track again finally and I can’t get off. If it gets real bad then I will contemplate resting,  but for now I must keep my pace to even think of making it to competition in July.

If anyone has competition tips I am very open to suggestion, this is my first tournament and I am pretty nervous and the whole tournament thing is very foreign to me…


The Mat is on Fire!

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I was just trying to tap it out today.

It was great actually, I couldn’t be more happy.  Mostly just because I am finally back. My staph is visibly gone and I have been ok’d to train again, however I wrapped up the earlier affected area super tight just to protect everyone else. Staph is definitely not fun and I prefer not to have it again anytime soon.  Read up on MRSA kids, it is not your friend.  Caleb has a nice podcast about MRSA along with some Acai supplement advice. Check it out if you have time.

And another little article about Staph prevention and treatment from Dan.

Another really long but really good article on MRSA

I had a few good rolls and got dominated by a few MMA fighters who train with us, who by the way, roll at a way higher level than they are belted for, I love training with them even though I get pretty dominated.  I love tapping and getting tapped equally! I might be crazy but I have a big smile and couldn’t be happier to be back. 🙂


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Totally got staph on my thumb.  I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I come home and scrub like a madman. But apparently I didn’t sanitize my left thumb well enough because it is three sizes too big. I have another round of antiobiotics to take,  I’m going back this week, I have to.  This infection seems week as it is already retreating just from one day of antibiotics. I hope to be back mid week. 🙂


Feels Good and Bad

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I am so happy to be back. I returned to my first official class this week. I went to two classes on Tuesday, back to back.  Fundamentals and then the advanced class. It lasted from around 6:30 to almost 9 pm.  I have never been so tired in my life!  I have been out of training since December 27th and I had not managed to do any cardio or anything else I had “planned” so I was pretty sure I was going to puke my guts out.  Well it wasn’t all bad but I did manage to get a bit dizzy in the middle somewhere.

It was nice to get back in there and drill some things I had allowed to get sloppy, like technical lift, and a basic scissor sweep. And then in the advanced class it was nice to get back to rolling with guys.

I was amazed that I didn’t lose too much in the rolling department, I was still able to roll at my expected level I would say, but I was gassed so I had no strength to rely on and just used technique to save me.  I managed to be offensive the whole time until my last roll where I turtled, got mounted, then he had N/S then side control. He had every dominant position possible except my back, which is the only thing I even had strength enough to fight for.

It was great being back, tapping guys, being dominated positionally. It all was a welcome feeling.  But one bad thing, my thumb had a little hair on it with a bump under it, I was looking at it, and pulled the hair out….now my thumb is two sizes bigger and super painful.  I pray it is not Staph again! I mean WTF!? on my thumb? Can I go once without getting Staph please?

I’m gonna hold off a little and see what happens, but it has ruined my weekend as I planned to be in class rolling right now (Saturday). Maybe with some luck I can train Monday. *Crosses Fingers*

It really sucks to be back on track finally and then have this happen immediately, However, that is my luck. 🙂