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Legends in the Making…

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A user named kidfr0mda516 posted this on   I love seeing these old pictures.   Look Nino Schembri as a blue! Roleta and Feitosa as purples! My instructor Draculino is at the bottom as well, as a brown! Great stuff!

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I went to train tonight. Which was The first time since December 27th. It was great, and I’ll document my pain shortly. But I also cornered Draculino for a few minutes and asked him about this picture for the blog.

Basically, Draculino told me that he was at home studying and Big Head called him and said, “hey Man! what are you doing tomorrow?” And Draculino told him he was studying, and Joao (big head) was like f*** that! Rickson is coming tomorrow and you were personally asked for to attend.. You Nino, me. Gordo..etc… He wants all these guys there. Draculino thought it was all bullshit and that Joao was full of it, but he showed up the next day anyway.

They were all standing around for a good while and no Rickson. Draculino was like you sons of bitches! you lied! I knew Rickson wasn’t coming! and a few other guys started in giving Joao a hard time, and then here comes Rickson strolling in with his long hair, simultaneously putting it back in a rubberband, and they all were like. Oh s***! and instantly shutup. Rickson apparently walked in all casual like just chillin and Renzo was there and was like. Rickson? what do you want do do? And rickson was like…umm…well…I guess I dunno…i guess I’ll just roll with everybody. And apparently he rolled with them all one after another with no real breaks for about 3 hours solid.

Rolling with spazzy white belts would be hell for 3 hours but imagine rolling with blackbelts that long…oh man…

Anyway, Rickson proceeds to tap them all multiple times. All with basic stuff. He used nothing flashy except a helicopter type sweep on Nino from scissor position that send Nino into a full flip nearly with Rickson landing on top.

Draculino also mentioned that Rickson would let himself get into bad positions against them. Against all these guys! These guys were some of the best around at that time and he would let them mount, or get side control, and he would just simply bide his time,, then escape and submit. Draculino was mentioning how Rickson just let him get to side control and he had a super tight control and thought he could maintain it for a while and the next thing he knew he was swept and tapping.

it really was a great story and Draculino was very animated while telling it, and you can tell he has nothing but admiration for Rickson and he said, “No matter what you hear anyone say, Rickson is one of a kind, I never felt someone with his control in my life.”




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Looks like I may be returning this week! I’m working on it right now. Super stoked!!! Finally I can start this blog right. Train right. And really take a shot at this thing.

I can’t wait. I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time.  Although it seems like little, being away from Jiu Jitsu for almost 5 months has really made me realize how much something as simple as rolling around in a room in heavy jackets can mean to someone.

I’ve noticed changes, I never sleep like I used to. (Probably from the sheer exhaustion I used to experience and then collapse and sleep)

I’ve noticed myself being moody, at work, with my girlfriend. With everyone.  I have been sour and mean recently, and that is not me.

Jiu jitsu brings balance to my life apparently. Something I’ve never really put to thought until this moment….

I can’t wait!


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So I have pretty much dropped the ball on my return to BJJ and on writing this blog.  I feel I have no time for anything anymore, sometimes I am surprised I even have time to sleep.

Then I look around and realize what I am really spending my time/money on and I am disappointed.  Truth is, I could have already been back in the gym.  I could have paid off all my back dues and went back. But I squandered money on things I don’t even really need, and didn’t push myself at all to get back.  I know I love jiu jitsu I think about it all the time, I constantly watch instructionals or matches on youtube.  I’ve spent hours just thinking about it, and yet I cannot seem to get there.

I feel my blue belt has probably faded to a white, I would not be ashamed to wear a white belt, as I feel I have not kept up with my ranking and probably deserve to be a beginner again.

I’ve gotta get myself together, pay what I owe, and get back in there. I have to prove to myself that I am not as lazy and undedicated as I think I am, especially when it is something I love to do so much.

Take Care,