I’m pretty good with a bo-Staph…

So. ….That open mat I was talking about last time….After being away for over 2 months, and only getting on the mat for maybe 10 minutes…Well….I’ve got MRSA. 🙂

It’s my own fault.  They clean the mats religiously there, atleast the instructors do, I don’t know how well the guys that open it up for open mat clean it, but I can say with absolute certainty that it is mostly my fault, because I did not shower afterwards.

Now before you say, “OH gross, You didn’t shower?” Well no…I ALWAYS shower after I train, but I didn’t even train…I never even broke a sweat…I just laid on the mats and did some shrimps, square drills, and stretches…really relaxed, and sat around on the mats just talking.  Then I went home and didn’t even think to shower, as I had showered right before I went….And damn do I regret it… Sunday morning I noticed a nice pimple-bump on my love handle area…and by monday it was inflamed and red and horrible. I went to the doc and they drained it (gross and really painful), and gave me some Clindamycin to hopefully kill it off.

Not much of a blog. But I just wanted to point out that I have the worst luck ever.

6 Responses to “I’m pretty good with a bo-Staph…”

  1. keep up the good work bro!
    Draculino is out of Texas isnt he ?

    • jiujitsulife Says:

      Thanks for looking! Yes, Draculino is in the ClearLake area just south of Houston, we needed someone good out here for a long time, and we got better than someone good when we got Draculino. 🙂

  2. Hey man,

    I found your blog on Sherdog.

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading it and I’m looking forward to your future updates. I’d really like to hear more about what it’s like training for someone like Draculinho.

    I’m a bluebelt also (training in the northern parts of Sweden) and I only train with a blackbelt four or five times per year. So saying that I’m jealous at you for having the opportunity to train with a legend like that on a weekly basis would be a big understatement 😉

    Get well soon and good luck in the future!

    • jiujitsulife Says:

      Thank you for reading Mattias. My blog has been a struggle. I have been unfocused and very lazy. I am hoping I can change my ways and rededicate myself to this thing I love.

      Beautiful Sweden! I would love to visit there someday. Hopefully I will get that chance.

      Draculino is an amazing instructor. He sees jiu jitsu in a way that most do not. His jiu jitsu is no longer something he has learned, his jiu jitsu is just a part of him, the same as he breathes. I hope to be like this one day.

      Thanks again!

  3. i just found your blog too. i have had staph 3 times since feb. it really sucks. what’s worse is that i haven’t trained since march, so i am not getting it from training, it’s just reoccuring from before. it’s really painful and it takes a lot out of you, which sucks, and makes it hard to get your steam going again when you are all healed up. hang in there bro.

    good luck.


    • jiujitsulife Says:

      It really does suck. I never really thought I would have it like that either. Man it was painful, and the draining was oh man. The lady at the clinic almost make me cry. 🙂 Maybe there are some guys just prone to getting it, maybe we belong to that awesome club. But 3 times since February, oh man, you will have to start training in chain maille or a bubble boy suit! lol

      Happy training and thanks again for the link.

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