Knucklechuck Skills

I know the title is nonsense, but it cracks me up.  Last night my girlfriend was trying to tell me about a martial arts weapon called knucklechucks.  I must have laughed for 5 minutes straight.

Anyway, It appears I have already fallen behind on my goal.  A few blogs ago I had stated that I would start back at jiu jitsu the following week….well, that didn’t quite happen.  I have went to class and watched a few times since, actually, I watched 3 times last week and went to an open mat on Friday.  No one was really there for the open mat though, since their was a big tournament the following day, everyone was home resting.

I played around a little, solo drills and a little stretching, but nothing really productive, and I felt a little weirdness in my knee while demonstrating a counter I had come up with to the underpass, but what can I do? I can’t stay out forever…so next week it is.

The real reason  I haven’t already since healing is because I am behind on dues… 2 months worth.  It is not something I am really proud to say, but also there isn’t much I could do about being broke..bills are suffocating sometimes.  Either way, I’ll get my tax return this week. Square up my debt, and I will be back on the mat.  It’s not like  my instructor won’t allow me to come, actually it is quite the opposite, but I would not feel right training without paying.  I’ll shutup now as it really is a rather boring topic, but I’ll leave this post with a small video I’ve made to highlight one of my instructor’s Mixed Martial Arts matches. Later!

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