I just wanted to post a small story that I refer to from time to time.  It is a story that has roots in Buddhist traditions, and it has been retold in many different ways.  Some with a lovely young girl and others with a crabby old woman.  I prefer the old woman…

Two monks were once walking along a path.  They came to a muddy intersection where an old women stood gazing at the obstacle she could not cross.  One monk picked her up, waded through the mud, and sat her down gently on the other side.  Without so much as a smile the women went off on her way.

Sometime later, the second monk turned and asked, “How can you stand it? That woman.  She didn’t even offer a thank you for your kind deed!”

The first monk turns to the second and says, “My brother, I set that woman down nearly 4 hours ago…why are you still carrying her?”


No matter what happens, someone cuts me off in traffic, I have a bad day, or am still wallowing over annoyances from my day in my time at home, I think of this story and wonder…why am I still carrying this? And I always feel better.

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