So today I started my first steps back into jiu jitsu.  I contacted my instructor and told him that I am ready to come back and train seriously, and that I would also love to do some privates.  We are working out the schedule now.  I’ve also ordered a brand new mouthguard from the guys at gladiator.  They make awesome guards and I am pretty much getting a plain white guard with the Draculino logo you see on the top banner.

Besides contacting Draculino,  I started stretching and doing a small workout today.  Just to get the feel of sweating again….let me tell you…

Damn I’m fat.  After 40 jumping jacks, 50 or so situps, 60 pushups, and some shadow boxing/stretching, I was breathing heavy.  I was like the fat kid that gets winded going down the slide at McDonalds.  Holy hell! I remember when I used to be able to grapple 7 round of 5 minutes and still be ready for more.

This is not going to be easy… Tomorrow I start running and eating right.  Today as a last hoorah I ate a Whataburger patty melt with fries.  But I did drink a water with it…you know…to make it healthy. 🙂

To make matters worse, my flexibility is shot…I can barely touch my toes and my lower back is super tight.

This week I’m going to work my best to get a little cardio work in and flexibility back, but really I’m just going to have to grin and bear it when it comes time to go back to class.  I need to put my ego aside and realize that I’m out of shape and I am going to get tired and the whitebelts are going to dance on my corpse with glee as I huff and puff…

What fun!

I currently weigh 188lbs.

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