Well, this is my first actual post to the blog.  I thought about some witty things to say today…but I forgot them all, so I will just start by saying that I’m lazy.

I’m lazy and I have let my instructor as well as myself down.  I guess I should preface this by saying that my name is Kyle, I am a no-stripe bluebelt under Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes and I have been training formally since March ’07.

I started off as most would, with passion, energy and eagerness to learn.  I would attend class as much as possible..usually four to five times in a week.  I earned my blue belt about 4.5 months after starting classes under Draculino, but in the 7 months since I have not earned a single stripe.  I don’t feel that the stripe is of importance, but only mention it to further illustrate my laziness.

You see, I have not been to class on a steady basis since October.  This being the end of January, I really think it is time to get it together.

So I sit before you, 15lbs heavier and with an injured right knee.  Actually, I have a bag of Birds Eye Sweet Kernal Corn on my knee as I type this and it is is really starting to burn. 🙂 Don’t get too excited but I do have some sweet legs. Look at the degree of pale, that is not easy to achieve my fren.


The reason I am doing this blog is really to motivate myself to fall back in love with one of the only things I do love, other than my dog and my girl, and track my progress and force myself to get to the gym everyday possible to get back in shape and compete in ADCC Texas in July.


So, if there is someone actually reading this.  I appreciate it more than you know, and I hope you will get at least a bit of pleasure out of my oncoming pain and suffering. 🙂

My jiu jitsu gear is almost a stranger to me.  But luckily, I received Draculino’s book in the mail today so that I can refresh my memory as I ice my knee for another week.  A good kickstart I hope. ~Kyle


5 Responses to “Hello.”

  1. Colby Black Says:

    The “English Tranrastion” book! That book is awesome! That coupled with the dvd is almost as good as being in class. (As long as you have some one to practice the moves on) Some times I get mat fever so bad, especially if I’ve been out for a few days or a week and I’ll take this heavy pillow I have and wrap the Gi around it and tie the belt and practice on it lol. Helps the muscle memory stay fresh and gets out some of the “I NEED TO ROLL NOW’s” that I get.

  2. jiujitsulife Says:

    Hell yes. It is great, and the music is pimp. Man, I am glad to hear someone else puts gis on inanimate objects and wrassles with them lol. I used to practice my baseball choke everynight on a pillow opponent. 😀

  3. Happnin' Mojo Says:

    How do you like the school and classes?

    • jiujitsulife Says:

      Thanks for reading my blog, that is kind of you. Umm.. well the school is amazing. And we needed something like this in Texas for sure. There are a few good schools in Houston but in the South Houston area there is little to nothing all the way down to Galveston. Pretty much 45 miles or more of Karate and Kuk Sool Won. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those, just not for me.

      Draculino is a world class jiu jitsu player, that is known. But ever more incredibly is that he is an excellent teacher. He has a method he calls progressive learning. And it may seem like he repeats himself alot in class but you almost cannot go home and forget something he has taught because he drills each step into your cerebellum.

      All the guys in the class are great, and I really can’t think of any jerks off hand, or overly-inflated egos. Everyone is there to learn and help each other. Great atmosphere. I’m rambling, so I will stop. Hope I answered your question and I’ll leave this post with a nice clip from Draculino’s BJJ Progressive DVD.

  4. Colby Black Says:

    Heal Up and Get your arse back to class 😛

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